Serving the Business Community

Since its founding, Bootstrap has made composting accessible for traditionally underserved work environments. At a time when buildings account for a higher percentage of carbon emissions than transportation, we’re particularly excited to serve top-tier floors of skyscrapers, Chinatown walkups, and other hard-to-reach spots. One such spot is the Boston office of The Nature Conservancy — friends and partners for over two years. Watch how our hands-on composting service makes them happy

Bootstrap Compost – A Sustainable Success Story

Andy Brooks sits down to discuss his growing sustainable business venture, Bootstrap Compost, and shares his insights on the socially responsible consumer.  Based out of Boston, Bootstrap is a human-powered, year-round food scrap pickup service and a model example of a profitable green business.

Buckets Swarm Boston, a (fast forward) Year in Review

Bootstrap Compost was founded in January 2011 to help residents of Greater Boston compost. Since then we’ve undergone a whirlwind of expansion, but we’ve remained true to remaining Greater Boston’s food scrap go-getters. From Brighton to Stoneham, we’ll ride our bikes, take the T, or ride in our truck to help you help us keep our community, city and planet cleaner and healthier.

Sifter 5000 – The Lean Mean Compost Making Machine

Andy Brooks, founder of Bootstrap Compost – Great Boston’s Food Scrap Go Getters – explains the device he built to turn compost generated from your food scraps into Bootstrap’s “black gold,” the top soil that is distributed to customers and community gardens around Boston.

Mama Says Tell Yo’ Friends

Andy Brooks, founder of Bootstrap Compost – Great Boston’s Food Scrap Go Getters – talks about the growth of his green start up and his excitement for the future.