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Ringing in Spring with Compost Week!

After months of collecting and composting food scraps through rain, snow, and sun-deprivation, we were thrilled to announce our spring edition of Compost Week! — our seasonal distribution of finished compost back to the community. Between April 4th and 15th, a six-pound share of our black gold (hand-sifted and mixed) made its way to your stoop, with hopes of boosting the health and yield of your houseplant, raised bed, or garden plot. And modesty be damned, this batch of finished compost is likely our best yet — dark, moist, and fluffy. It’s truly Boot-iful. And we’re hoping your flora feel the same way. So how did we do?


Largely hidden from public view since 2011, Buckethead reappears to spread soil for the soul.

As we salute our largest Compost Week! effort ever, we take pride in its monumental impact: the distribution of a whopping two and a half tons (5,144 lbs) of compost back to the Greater Boston community (a feat only made possible by the hardworking, hard-core individuals that make up Team Bootstrap). Let’s break it down, town by town…

The fertile soils of Jamaica Plain will rejoice, as our founding neighborhood stayed true to its green roots and pulled in a healthy share of 1,190 lbs of compost. Across the river, the Fluffernutter-loving people of Somerville weren’t far behind, amassing 1,012 lbs of compost. Up third, Cambridge collected 380 lbs of black gold, amounting to a treasure of growing power for The People’s Republic. Capturing fourth and fifth place, respectively, were Brookline with 334 lbs of soil amendment received and Arlington, which took in nearly 200 pounds. The remaining 2,032 pounds were hand delivered across the Hub, from Malden to Quincy, Southie to Wellesley, and everywhere in between. Big shout to each and every one of you making good use of your soil amendment. As a quick tip, remember that a ¼” of compost on top of your soil will help your plants retain moisture and nutrients. If you’re mixing soil and compost, a ratio of 3 parts soil to 1 part compost is ideal. Stay tuned for a series of blog posts and Tweets that will provide additional gardening info and tips.


Six pounds of black gold spotted in Cambridgeport.

Lastly, we’d like to highlight the gardens and organizations that took part in our donation program, while thanking our residential clients who elected to have their share donated. This year’s crop of donation recipients includes Glen Park Community Garden in East Somerville (which will put 90 pounds of Bootstrap compost to use) and the Cambridge Community Center garden and Malden Community Garden, both of which received 60 pounds. Our donation program is first-come, first-served — so give us a holler if you have any compost needs for your school, community garden, or organization.


In total, 858 containers of compost were signed, sealed and delivered, courtesy of Jacob & co.

Compost Week! Bootstrap’s Mega-Giveaway of Compost to Greater Boston

First off, we at Bootstrap HQ want to thank everyone for making our first-ever Compost Week! such a success. Keep sharing your stories and photos with us; we marvel at seeing how each of you uses the end-product of your composted food scraps. Together we distributed over 2,500 pounds of beautiful and nutrient-rich soil amendment.

5 pounds to subscribers

Compost Week!: 5 pounds of black gold are returned to all participating subscribers

After everyone who wanted the primo product received their share, we were able to donate over 400 pounds to area schools, community gardens and green-minded startups and nonprofits.


100 pound donation to the Sullivan Square Community Garden

The community gardens at Anson Street, Oakdale Terrace (both in Jamaica Plain), Sullivan Square (Charlestown) and the


Zach Page from Trillium Brewery receives 80 pounds for their hops

Bartlett Events site (Roxbury) all got a hearty supply, just in time for spring gardening and landscaping season.

We donated 80 pounds to Trillium Brewery of South Boston for use on their home-grown hops. Locally sourced compost to power locally brewed beer – now that’s a nice pairing.

The Warren­Prescott K-8 School in Charlestown received 40 pounds. We helped prep the school’s soil for their new gardens. Check out the photos from Charlestown’s little Big Dig on our Facebook page!

Whole Foods of Charles River Plaza got 30 pounds for an Earth Day composting workshop.

Finally, the Democracy Center of Cambridge received 30 pounds to enrich their veggie patch.

Through all these efforts, it’s truly awesome to realize the potential of organic refuse to redefine and empower our local food community. But without the scraps we are nothing. And for that, we thank all of our subscribers for their continued business and dedication to composting.

Stay tuned for our next Compost Week!, coming your way in August.

30 lbs donated to the Warren Prescott K-8

30 pound donation to the Warren Prescott K-8 for their new garden beds