Compost Round Up: Touchdown for Composting!

With football season about to kick off, this one is dedicated to all the sports fans!

Fairly recently, sports teams, stadiums and arenas have begun composting, negating the hefty cost of hauling fees of waste to landfills. Check out this NY Times article to learn about how composting at sports venues is being implemented, challenges, benefits and it’s future.

It also turns out that our beloved composting partner Rocky Hill Farm has worked with Fenway Park in their “Greening” of the facility.

Of course, sports teams often ask taxpayers to finance stadiums. The conversation surrounding a community’s obligation to its sports teams in the form of financial support for infrastructure takes on a new dynamic when those teams and leagues start making a commitment to composting, and sustainability more generally, and the community as a whole. Indeed, as the trend toward community partnerships continues in sports, it supports a minor “yay” in support for some city funds going toward making a stadium. Boston, however, is the only town in the Union where all of the major league sports teams receive no financial support from the public. Maybe it’s why we keep having to win!

2 responses to “Compost Round Up: Touchdown for Composting!

  1. We live in Arlington and are avid composters, but can’t get to our composter in the winter months, once there is a lot of snow on the ground. Can we sign up, but just for January and February every year?
    Anthony in Arlington

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