Compost Round Up: “My Cup of Tea”

For this week’s edition of Compost Round Up, we thought we’d delve into the wonders of Compost Tea. It came up briefly at a recent Bootstrap team meeting and we thought it was worth expanding on. And given that Compost Week! just ended, here’s a way to stretch your supply of black gold. Without further ado, let’s learn the basic ins-and-outs:

What is compost tea?
It is the liquid extract of compost that contains plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms. It is NOT leachate, the dark-colored solution that leaks out of the compost pile, or the juice found in worm bins.

Why compost tea?
The healthy bacteria and fungus in compost tea protects plants from diseases. It can add key plant nutrients and microbes to soil without adding bulk (good for rooftop, balcony or container gardening). Compost tea is a way to maximize your compost resources to perform a more widespread application.

How do I make it?
Here is video making compost tea with equipment (pump, hose, etc):

Don’t have equipment? Not to worry, here’s a method for you:

How is it applied?
Compost tea can be applied once a week to the leaves or root zones of plants with a pump sprayer or watering can, ideally within two hours of the brewing process.


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