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Compost Week! Bootstrap’s Mega-Giveaway of Compost to Greater Boston

First off, we at Bootstrap HQ want to thank everyone for making our first-ever Compost Week! such a success. Keep sharing your stories and photos with us; we marvel at seeing how each of you uses the end-product of your composted food scraps. Together we distributed over 2,500 pounds of beautiful and nutrient-rich soil amendment.

5 pounds to subscribers

Compost Week!: 5 pounds of black gold are returned to all participating subscribers

After everyone who wanted the primo product received their share, we were able to donate over 400 pounds to area schools, community gardens and green-minded startups and nonprofits.


100 pound donation to the Sullivan Square Community Garden

The community gardens at Anson Street, Oakdale Terrace (both in Jamaica Plain), Sullivan Square (Charlestown) and the


Zach Page from Trillium Brewery receives 80 pounds for their hops

Bartlett Events site (Roxbury) all got a hearty supply, just in time for spring gardening and landscaping season.

We donated 80 pounds to Trillium Brewery of South Boston for use on their home-grown hops. Locally sourced compost to power locally brewed beer – now that’s a nice pairing.

The Warren­Prescott K-8 School in Charlestown received 40 pounds. We helped prep the school’s soil for their new gardens. Check out the photos from Charlestown’s little Big Dig on our Facebook page!

Whole Foods of Charles River Plaza got 30 pounds for an Earth Day composting workshop.

Finally, the Democracy Center of Cambridge received 30 pounds to enrich their veggie patch.

Through all these efforts, it’s truly awesome to realize the potential of organic refuse to redefine and empower our local food community. But without the scraps we are nothing. And for that, we thank all of our subscribers for their continued business and dedication to composting.

Stay tuned for our next Compost Week!, coming your way in August.

30 lbs donated to the Warren Prescott K-8

30 pound donation to the Warren Prescott K-8 for their new garden beds

Reading, Writing and Compost: Bootstrap Goes Back To School


Kids from the Warren Prescott K-8 prepare soil for their new gardens

With the longer days and the warm weather having finally arrived, it’s safe to say that the students of Boston are getting ready for summer. But before anyone has a chance to chuck their homework, Bootstrap Compost brought its lesson plan of environmental stewardship to several area schools.

Andy chats with the students of Conservatory Lab Charter School

Andy chats with the students of Conservatory Lab Charter School

Kicking things off, Team Bootstrap took a field trip to the Maurice J. Tobin School in Mission Hill (in partnership with a City Year Boston after-school program) where Bootstrap VP Igor Kharitonenkov championed the merits of composting and food scrap diversion to a group of worm-crazy 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

Our Compost Specialist visits the EC Language School

Our Compost Specialist visits the EC Language School

Reportedly, the kids are still talking about saving their banana peels to feed our army of wigglers. Next, Andy Brooks, Bootstrap president, ventured to the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Brighton, where he addressed the intersection of climate change and healthy soil to a class full of knowledgeable 6th graders. Finally, Compost Specialist Everett Hoffman dropped compost wisdom to a group of international students at the EC Language School. Next up, the United Nations!

Although we at Bootstrap try to impress, it was really the students that directed the conversation. These kids really get it! It’s totally rewarding to hear them echo and support the value of our daily efforts.

Big thanks to the Tobin School and City Year for having us visit

The Tobin School expresses their gratitude for our visit

The Bootstrap crew also made their way to the Warren­ Prescott K-8 School in Charlestown to help students prepare new raised garden beds. We donated 40 pounds of some of Boston’s best black gold to the cause. The vibe was loose and fun as students, teachers and community business reps pitched in to prepare the school’s soil for spring gardening. School is way more awesome than we remember!

Undergrads at Boston College listen to  Bootstrap's take on social entrepreneurship

Undergrads at Boston College listen to Bootstrap’s take on social entrepreneurship

Finally, we delved into the world of higher education, as Igor travelled to Boston College. Speaking to a room full of undergrads, he lectured on the journey of Bootstrap and the significance of social entrepreneurship.

The kids of the Warren­Prescott K-8 School and Igor dig in to the fresh soil

Warren Prescott kids “dig” soil

And while school may be winding down, here at Bootstrap HQ we’re plotting our summer schedule with further educational opportunities at new venues. (Spoiler alert: Farmers’ markets). Stay tuned through Facebook.

Our Story In Moving Pictures

It has been over two years since Andy got on his bike to start collecting kitchen scraps. In that small amount of time we have expanded tremendously, but we’ve remained true to our roots and remain Greater Boston’s food scrap go-getters. From Brighton to Stoneham, we ride our bikes, take the T, or travel in our van to help you help us keep our community, city and planet a beautiful place. Check out what our founding father has to say:

Bootstrap Compost

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